General Information

img1-4sm-150x150The purpose of Clothe-A-Child, Inc. is to provide new clothing to deserving children in the Cedar Rapids/Marion metro area who might not otherwise possess or have the needed wardrobe. The program is conducted once each year on a Saturday in October. The program was conceived and launched in 1998 by David M. Rumney, a member of Marion Lodge No. 6 A.F. & A.M.

♥   The 2015 CAC event invited approximately 150 children.

♥   Children are invited to attend the Clothe-A-Child event. The parents receive a letter explaining the event with a permission slip to sign and a bus schedule. The form asks the parent or guardian to prioritize their child’s need for items such as coats, pants, underwear, etc. and to provide approximate sizing information.

♥   Early in the morning, school busses from the Cedar Rapids School system pick up the youngsters at neighborhood schools. A Clothe-A-Child volunteer rides the bus, makes nametags, and supervises. The children are brought to Lindale Mall where Sears and Payless Shoes graciously open their stores at 7:00 a.m.

♥   Each child is partnered with a volunteer adult shopper to help the child select the best clothes based on size, the child’s preference, and guidance from the parent or guardian. The child and their adult partner then shop for clothing.

♥   After shopping the children and adult volunteers are provided a breakfast snack. The children return to their respective busses and go home with a bag of goodies and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, Their New Clothes!

Our philosophy is that:

∇  New Clothing leads to Self Esteem
∇  Self Esteem leads to Pride
∇  Pride leads to Self Confidence
∇  Self-Confident Children Succeed